Mark Freeman – President

Mark is a second-generation company President. He started in the shipping and receiving department and worked his way up through the company to ultimately become company president in 2004. Today he works closely with all departments and is often found on the shop floor assisting with assembling and testing equipment. Mark is also our go-to specialist for protective coating procedures. A chair member of the local chamber of commerce, Mark works with local businesses to promote manufacturing growth in the area.

Louis Bartolini – Vice President

Lou introduced Steel-Fab to water control gates and has been building relationships in the hydro industry since 1980. He is usually the first one contacted within Steel Fab by consulting engineers, project owners or general contractors to provide equipment recommendations and pricing for their water control needs. Lou works closely with Steel Fab’s project engineers and manufacturing staff to ensure customer expectations are met. You can find Lou each year at the Hydrovision and National Hydropower Association Conferences and Meetings.

Scott Houle – Manufacturing Superintendent

Scott is Steel-Fab’s resident welding engineer and has been running our quality control program since 1985. As head of quality control, he oversees all fabrication, stress relieving, protective coating and non-destructive testing processes. Scott is an ASNT level 3 examiner for visual, magnetic particle and liquid penetration inspection and level 2 ultrasonic weld inspection. He is an AWS certified welding inspector and ensures all fitters and weld operators maintain their necessary qualifications. Scott also works closely with local technical high schools to develop new talent in the field of welding.




Joe Keohane – Project Engineer

Joe is Steel-Fab’s Lead Project Engineer. The project engineers at Steel-Fab handle the design and management of a project from beginning to end.  They create detailed design packages for each project to make sure our customers are prepared for installation and commissioning. Our engineering department is equipped the latest CAD software for modeling and testing.  In addition to Steel-Fab products, our engineers are well versed on hydraulic power units, electric actuators and other mechanical devices often included on our scope.  Joe is our primary engineer for Fixed Cone Valves and Jet Flow Gates.