Learn about our Bulkheads and Stop Logs

Bulkhead Gates and Stop Log Panels are mainly used to isolate a waterway structure for maintenance. These gates or panels are installed and removed under balance head conditions with a crane. Commonly, a Bulkhead Gate refers to a single panel gate and Stop Logs are furnished in multiple sections to reduce required lifting forces.

When it comes to Bulkhead Gate design, a reinforced gate leaf with bearing pads and rubber seals is the basic construction. Both types require lined guide slots in the walls to hold them in place and seal. A lifting beam with engaging hooks is typically used to place and remove stop logs. A Bulkhead gate may use a lifting beam or connect directly to a wire rope hoist. Filling valves may be included in these gates to balance water pressure before removal.

Bulkhead gates may be stored in the guides if space allows. Stop logs are usually stored out of the guides wherever ground space is available.
A Draft Tube Gate is a form of bulkhead gate for sealing off a draft tube from downstream pool.


Tempe Town Lake Dam

Steel Fab designed and supplied eight hydraulically operated steel crest gates with hydraulic operating system in 2016 for the Tempe Town Lake Dam Replacement in Tempe Arizona. Each gate...

Post Falls Hydroelectric Development

Since 2012 Steel Fab has designed and manufactured twelve electrically operated roller gates with wire rope drum hoists for Avista Corporation, Spokane Washington, formerly Washington Water Power, at their...

Thornton Composite Reservoir

Steel Fab designed and manufactured four 12’- 6” wide x 28’ tall hydraulically operated stainless steel roller gates with hydraulic operating systems for the Thornton Composite Reservoir Project completed...

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